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Double Sided Yellow Double Sided White


Double Sided Red One Side Red One Side White

Sl. No. Product Features Advantages for Safe Driving


Tough engineered body packed with epoxy at bottom
  • Can withstand the weight of very vehicles
  • Impact resistant to moving traffic.
  • The smooth profile does not cause any damage to tyres / vehicles.
  • It gives a rumble effect to vehicles warning the driver of road edge.


Retro-reflective lens ultrasonically welded to the body
  • Excellent night visibility for the driver
  • Identification of road geometry and road delineation especially on curves
  • Ultrasonic welding ensures water-resistant lens, hence proper visibility during monsoon and wet conditions


Roughened epoxy base
  • The base of RPM is made of roughened epoxy for proper bonding to the road surface.
  • The epoxy used for fixing is good for concrete as well as asphalt roads.

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  • Clean the road surface with wire brush and then with soft nylon brush so as to remove the loose material/ grease/ oil etc.
  • Drop the epoxy on the cleaned surface sufficient enough so as to cover the entire base of the Reflective Pavement Marker.
  • Lightly press the RPM on the epoxy with the fingers so as to ensure that the epoxy covers the entire base for proper bonding.
  • Keep it undisturbed till the epoxy sets and hardens.